Guitar Tabs for Beginners – Are They Good or Bad?


Guitar tabs are a popular way for beginners to learn how to play guitar. They can be found on websites, magazines, and songbooks.

But what exactly is the point of guitar tabs? A Guitar tab is a form of notating music that allows beginning guitarists to learn songs quickly and simply. Guitar tabs are comparable to music staff notation in that they show you which notes to play, how long to play them, and what techniques to use.

Is it worth your time learning from guitar tabs before you learn from someone else?

In this article, I’ll answer these questions and more! So let’s just get straight into it, shall we?

Are guitar tabs good or bad for beginners?

Understanding guitar tabs is particularly beneficial for beginners because it allows them to learn how to play the guitar without needing to learn how to read conventional musical notation.

This makes it much easier to learn songs, chords, and riffs.

Guitar tabs are like a “cheat sheet” that guides you on how the guitar should be played without requiring any prior knowledge of reading music or playing an instrument.

This is why many beginners choose to use them so they can quickly get started with learning some new tunes!

However, once you learn how to read traditional notations it is recommended that you stop using them and instead focus on learning from someone who can actually play/teach music.

This will help you gain more knowledge in theory and also allow your skills to develop faster.

Guitar Tabs are by no means “bad” but they may actually be holding some people back.

I feel that once you can read traditional music notations, it is time to move on from using them and focus more on learning the theory behind playing the guitar since this will allow your skills to develop even further.

Where can I get free guitar tabs?

There are many websites, books, magazines, etc. that have free guitar tabs for beginners to use and learn from!

The best place online to get beginner-friendly guitar tabs is definitely Ultimate Guitar.

They even have an app you can download on your phone if you’re looking for some quick practice sessions while you’re away from the computer.

Another place you can check is a website called where they have over 200 beginner guitar lessons, 100’s of popular songs and chords, plus everything else you’ll need to learn how to play the guitar!

It doesn’t get much better than that!

How long does it take for beginners to use tabs?

The amount of time it takes for beginners to use guitar tabs depends on how fast you can learn!

For people that are exceptional at learning things quickly, they could be playing songs in just a few hours with the help of some good beginner-friendly tabs.

However, if you’re not so quick when it comes to picking things up, it may take you a few days to get everything down.

Don’t be discouraged though!

Learning the guitar is something that takes time and patience so don’t let anything discourage you from continuing to learn your favorite songs or chords!

Are guitar tabs cheating?

It’s not cheating to use tabs while learning an instrument, but you’ll only get so far by using them.

To truly advance as a musician, you should attempt to learn songs by ear, start with simple material, and work your way up to more challenging music when you’ve mastered the chords and scales they employ in the song.

I feel that anyone who wishes to become a great musician should be willing and able to learn without using any help!

The more effort you put into something, the better results you’ll see. So why not put in a little bit of work?


Guitar Tabs for beginners is a good way to get started and learn how the guitar is played.

However, once you can read music it’s recommended that you stop using them and instead focus on learning from someone who actually knows what they’re doing!

Guitar Tabs are not cheating, but it will get you only so far.

Take your time and don’t be discouraged if things take a little longer at first!


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