What Can I Use for a Guitar Pick?


A guitar pick is one of those items that most musicians can’t seem to keep in their possession for more than two minutes.

It doesn’t matter how careful or responsible of a person you are; there will always be one time when that extra guitar pick slips away from your pocket at an unfortunate moment.

So what can you use for a guitar pick instead? You can use Altoids Tin, Credit Card, Coins, Sim Cards, Plastic Ruler, CDs, and Bottle Caps.

How do you make homemade guitar picks?

If you don’t have a guitar pick on you, what can you use instead?

I recommend that you try to find a plastic credit card, CD case is also good and not too slippery.

To make a homemade guitar pick, you have to take an old CD and cut it into thin strips. You can use a plastic credit card as well if it’s thick enough.

Then you have to file down the edges so it’s nice and smooth.

Filing the edges will help you to remove any sharp or jagged edges and make it comfortable for your fingers.

You can also use a coin as well, but I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners because coins are very slippery.

Can you use a paperclip as a guitar pick?

When it comes to DIY guitar picks, most people are looking for items that are cheap and easy to find.

So what can you use for a guitar pick? What about something like paperclips?

I’m not saying it’s the best option for everyone but there is one thing that makes it possible: the edges on paperclips aren’t too sharp or jagged.

If you have a paperclip that is thin enough, then it can work as a guitar pick.

But if the edges on your paperclip are too sharp or jagged, they could cause problems when playing with them because of how slippery they tend to be compared to plastic credit cards or CDs.

Can you make a guitar pick out of wood?

Yes, you can, but I don’t recommend it because wood is a very slippery surface.

If you do decide to use a piece of small wooden dowel or something similar for a guitar pick then you should sand down the edges so they are nice and smooth.

This will make sure that your guitar playing doesn’t become uncomfortable when using them as well as making sure that they don’t slip out of your fingers or hands.

Can I play guitar without a pick?

Yes, you can play guitar without a pick.

If you do decide to go without one, then I would recommend that you use your fingers because they are more controllable than using the edge of another object like coins or paperclips.

But if you want something with less surface area touching the guitar strings so it’s easier for you to perform certain techniques, then you can use some type of adhesive tape.

When playing guitar without a pick, you will probably want to stick with using your fingers because they are more controllable than the surface area that an object like paperclips or coins has.

But if you’re looking for something that would make it easier for you to perform certain techniques on the guitar such as sweep picking or tapping, then you can use something like adhesive tape.

How to hold a guitar pick

If you have been wondering how to hold a pick, then you should rest the guitar pick on your middle finger and put it under your index finger.

Then add pressure from both fingers while keeping them straight for this technique is going to help you keep control of how fast or slow you play.

This will also give you more accuracy when playing with a smaller surface area than if you were to hold it with just your thumb and index finger.

The most common way for people to hold guitar picks is between the middle finger and the index finger, but there are other ways as well depending on what kind of technique you want to use when playing.

You will also find that this gives you more accuracy because of how straight your fingers are compared to the other techniques that only use the thumb and index finger.

Here’s a quick overview of how to hold your guitar pick the right way

  1. The pick should be slid between your thumb and the middle of your index finger.
  2. With the pointed end pointing away from your hand, keep a firm grip on your pick.
  3. Your pick should be positioned beneath the center of your thumb.
  4. Leave about a half-inch of your pick projecting out from beneath your thumb.

How do you strum without a pick?

You can strum without a pick but you will need to learn how.

It’s very different than using your fingers so it might take some time before you get the hang of it, but with practice and patience, I’m sure that anyone can do it.

When learning how to strum without a pick there are four things that you should keep in mind:

  • Use your wrist instead of your fingers.
  • The strumming should be done with the edge and not against it (the opposite direction that you would use a pick).
  • You don’t want to move across all six strings at once because it will sound very choppy and unorganized. Instead, try to focus on one or two strings at a time.
  • When you strum down, make sure that your wrist is relaxed and not tense because this will create an uneven sound.

It’s important to remember that when learning how to strum without a pick it can be very frustrating for beginners so patience is key here.


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